How to purchase Call of Duty Modern Warfare on the PS Store in other regions

Step by step instructions and recommendations.

Activision officially confirmed that Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be released in Russia only on PC and Xbox One – and there will be no physical copies at all.

However, the problem is not great – for PS4, the game can be easily bought in another region. We collected in one material the most profitable purchase options, and also wrote instructions for registering accounts.

Caution The material indicates methods that are contrary to the Sony license agreement. Act at your own risk.

There is nothing complicated in using other PSN regions, however, there are still some nuances here. Firstly, in some versions there may not be Russian localization (it depends on the game) – or even English. Secondly, you have to create another account. Thirdly, indicate false information about yourself when registering against the rules, andSony reserves the right to block your profile.

Also, it will not work to pay with a Russian bank card – its region must correspond to the region of the store. Therefore, there is only one way to purchase – to replenish the balance with certificates.

Below is the instruction for registering an account in other regions – it is the same for all options.

  • Log out of your main account on the PS4.
  • Click “New User” on the profile selection screen, then “Create New User”. Accept the license agreement.
  • Next, click on the button “New to PSN? Create an account. “
  • Select the desired region and language that will be displayed on the console. Drive in the date of birth.
  • Next, you will need to fill in the data on the place of residence – they will vary depending on the region. For example, in Hong Kong, you only need to specify the city, while in the US the state is also. Important: if you are registering an American account, choose one of the following states: Alaska, Montana, New Hampshire, Delaware or Oregon. There are no purchase taxes.
  • If the system requires a residential address and zip code, then write down the actual data – just select any in Google Maps. Alternatively, you can “borrow” the addresses of hotels or restaurants.But just remember that there is nothing legal about it.
  • Complete the registration.

To run games purchased in another region in your “native” profile, activate your console as the main one in the new account. So you will have the opportunity to play in multiplayer and earn achievements.

Next, we indicated the most profitable regions for purchase.


Pros: there is Russian localization.

Cons: price.

Cost: 1999 hryvnia, or ~ 71.32 United States Dollar

In the Ukrainian PSN, not only Modern Warfare, but also many other new products are more expensive – because this region is only suitable for buying a new Call of Duty with a Russian translation.


Pros: the price is lower than in Russia.

Cons: it is likely that there will be no localization – closer to the release it will become clearer.

Cost: 59 dollars, or ~ 53.49 United States Dollar

Specifically, in the case of Modern Warfare, this is hardly the most profitable option, but the advantages of the American store are different – they often carry out “lightning” discounts with good prices. An account in the US will probably come in handy later.


Pros: the lowest price, the cheapest PS Plus ( 35.66 United States Dollar for 15 months), access to pre-ordered games opens earlier.

Cons: no localization (only English, Chinese and Korean), uncomfortable store, difficulty in finding payment cards.

Cost: 812,000 Indonesian rupees, or ~ 50.75 United States Dollar .

In Indonesia, the rather cheap PS Plus – 559 thousand Indonesian rupees, or 35.66 United States Dollar for 15 months – however, keep in mind that it will work only on the Indonesian account. Moreover, due to the difference in time zones (+4 hours to Moscow time), you can start playing games in pre-ordered games there.

New Zealand

Pros: Access to pre-ordered games opens even earlier.

Cons: price, possible lack of localization.

Cost: 110 New Zealand dollars, or ~ 60.35 United States Dollar

The difference between Moscow and New Zealand is nine hours – because new releases can be launched almost in the afternoon.Also, nothing prevents you from purchasing a physical copy in foreign online stores – for example, you can already pre-order at Amazon . However, in this case, it will be late for release for at least a couple of weeks, if not a month.

Therefore, the change of regions, perhaps, remains the only option – if you are a fan of PS4. If you have other platforms, then, perhaps, Modern Warfare will be easier to buy there.

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