How to reflash iPhone and not break it

Here we deal with standard iPhone firmware methods, as well as flashing through Recovery Mode and DFU. Bookmark the instructions. It comes in handy to update or reanimate the device.

Auto update by air

Why: For the standard transition to the new version of iOS.

How: Go to Settings – Basic – Software Update . Wait until the information is updated, check out the innovations, download and install the software using the corresponding button.

Auto Update via iTunes

Why: To switch to the new version of iOS, if you can’t download software from iPhone.

How: Connect iPhone to computer via USB. Go to the device management section, click the Update button and wait for the operation to complete.

Manual iPhone update via iTunes

Why: To switch to the new version of iOS using the downloaded firmware file, if you cannot update the device with standard tools, it’s impossible.

How: Connect iPhone to computer via USB. Go to the device management section. While holding down the Option key for Mac or Shift for Windows, click the Refresh button . Select the downloaded firmware file and wait for the operation to complete.

Downloading iOS in this way is available to registered developers. But you can use the download links that we post and other thematic resources.

Smartphone firmware via Recovery Mode

Why: To get absolutely clean iOS if the operating system is not working properly.

How: Turn off your smartphone. Hold down the volume down key for 7s or Home for other iPhone and connect the device to the computer.

iTunes will automatically detect that there is a problem with the iPhone and will offer to update or restore it.

Flash iPhone using DFU mode

Why: To reanimate the device on iOS when Recovery Mode does not help, the iPhone does not turn on and does not respond to other manipulations.

How: Connect the iPhone to the computer, and turn it off if it is turned on.

Press and hold the power button for three seconds. Without releasing it, press the volume down button for 7-ki and Home for other devices and hold for ten seconds. Release the power button, but continue holding the second for another five seconds.

iTunes will notify you of an iPhone connection. Now it is in recovery mode via DFU and you can do this by clicking the appropriate button.

If the Apple or iTunes logo is lit on the screen, you transferred the smartphone to Recovery Mode. Did something wrong, so try again from the beginning.b

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