How to remove background from photo on iPhone

It used to take several minutes or even hours of work on a computer in Photoshop to remove a background image from a photograph. Modern iPhone programs and utilities can do this automatically in seconds.

Now we’ll tell you how to quickly and easily remove the background from any photo. In a photo without a “back”, you can quickly replace the background, use it for a collage or video editing .

How to remove background from any photo

1. Select the appropriate application from the App Store. Almost any photo editor is suitable, but first of all we are interested in those where the background is deleted automatically with the possibility of manual adjustment.

▸ PhotoRoom – free .

Excellent automatic background removal mode, manual adjustment in most cases will not be required. A large number of free templates, effects and predefined backgrounds are available for replacement. When exporting, a small watermark is applied in the corner of the photo.

▸ LightX – for free .

The program can remove the background in automatic mode, you can manually adjust the operation of the algorithm. Some effects are available after making an in-app purchase.

▸ Enlight Photofox – for free .

Powerful photo editor with many predefined templates. Some effects require a paid subscription. There are no export restrictions in the free version.

You can completely dispense with the application and use the online service .

2. Upload the photo to the selected application.

3. Find a tool to remove the background image.

If the object in the foreground stands out well, then the application algorithms can easily separate the “back” in automatic mode. Manual adjustments may sometimes be required.

Using a brush and an eraser, you need to apply an exact mask to the erased objects. In most cases, such an adjustment is required in places around the perimeter of the allocated object.

4. When the background is successfully deleted, you can save the photo with a transparent layer for further processing in other programs or add a new background image directly in the application you use.

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