How to set active angles on an iPad with a mouse connected

Cupertino developers continue to migrate useful features from macOS to iPadOS . One of the latest updates on tablets made it possible to use active angles .

To work, you need an iPad with installed iPadOS 13.3 or later and a suitable wireless mouse.

How to set active angles on iPad

  1. First, connect the wireless pointing device to the iPad. You can do this according to our instructions.
  2. When the manipulator is connected, go to the Settings – Universal Access – AssistiveTouch – Active Anglesmenu .
  3. Here you can set actions for each of the corners of the screen.

One of 23 system actions, 6 screen scroll gestures and all shortcuts configured in the system are available .

  1. In the Settings – Universal Access – AssistiveTouch menu,activate the Auto-click Control switch .
  2. Change the value of the Actionwhen returning to Pause button .
  3. It remains only to select a comfortable area for triggering the action in the menu Permissible movementand delay in seconds.

Now, if the mouse cursor lingers in the corner of the screen for the set time (from 0.25 to 8 seconds), the system itself will perform the action configured for the angle.


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