How to set up a block on in-game purchases on iPhone

I can’t make a purchase of content in applications, a notification appears that built-in purchases are disabled. Previously, it was disabled in the Limitations menu, how to disable it in iOS 13?

We already talked about how to limit in-app purchases in iOS 11 and earlier versions of the mobile operating system.

In iOS 12 and iOS 13, this chip did not disappear anywhere, setting restrictions on built-in purchases in applications is as follows:

1. Go to Settings – Screen Time – Content and Privacy .

2. Completely disable restrictions on your smartphone or leave restrictions enabled and go to the Shopping section of the iTunes Store and App Store .

3. Change the value of the In- App Purchases parameter .

If the device was marked as a child when setting the screen time, you will need to enter the set password. If necessary, a forgotten password can always be reset according to our instructions

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