How to show or hide battery percentage in macOS Big Sur

In previous versions of macOS, the battery percentage was enabled in the indicator context menu or power saving options. Where has this switch moved in macOS Big Sur?

The macOS Big Sur developers have added several innovations and changes to the new operating system at once . One of them is the unified control center, which is similar to its iOS counterpart.

It combines most of the system indicators and switches from the macOS menu bar.

The battery charge indicator is also a system indicator, which means that its parameters have moved to the settings section of the panel itself.

How to enable or disable display of MacBook battery percentages

1. Go to System Preferences – Menu Bar and Dock .

2. Locate the Battery section in the side menu.

3. Activate the option to display the percentage of charge.

In the same menu, you can configure the display of the indicator in the menu bar or in the control point.

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