How to store Mac backups on another Apple computer

The macOS operating system has an excellent Time Machine backup mechanism. Unfortunately, backup storage requires a lot of disk space. On a Mac with small drives, you have to connect external drives, use network storage or clouds.

There is a convenient way to store backups of one Mac on another. This will be useful, for example, when at home there is a stationary iMac, Mac mini or Mac Pro with a large disk. On it, you can deploy network storage for Time Machine and save copies from other Apple computers.

How to set up a Mac on which backups will be stored

  1. Go to System Preferences – Sharingand activate the File Sharing option .
  2. In the Shared Folderssection , add a new folder and specify a location for storing backups on Mac.
  3. Highlight the new shared folder and click the Optionsbutton .
  4. Activate the Share files and folders using AFPoption .
  5. Close the options window and select Advanced Optionsin the context menu of the created folder .
  6. Check the option Use as a folder for Time Machine backup.

Here you can set a limit on the amount of information stored.

Now this folder can act as a network storage for backups of other Macs.

How to set up network backup

  1. On another Mac, copies of which will be transmitted over the network, go to the Time Machine settings.
  2. Turn on the backup system and click the Select backup diskbutton .
  3. In the list of available network storages you will see a “shared” folder.
  4. Wespecify it for storage of backups.


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