How to store separate contacts, notes and calendars on different iPhone with one Apple ID account

The family has a pair of iPhone and iPad on the same Apple ID account, how to set up different contacts and notes on each device so that the data is also synchronized with some kind of service or cloud?

When using multiple gadgets with the same Apple ID account, you can share contacts, notes, reminders, and calendars on each of them.

To do this, some gadgets can synchronize with your iCloud recording, while for others you need to use any third-party service, for example, Gmail.

To set up separate synchronization, do the following:

  1. On the main iPhone, configure the synchronization of the necessary data with iCloud in the Settings – Passwords and Accounts – iCloudmenu .
  2. On each of the remaining gadgets, go to Settings – Passwords and accounts – iCloudand disable synchronization of contacts, passwords and notes with iCloud.
  3. After that, on each device add a new record for synchronization, for example, Gmail. This is done along the path Settings – Passwords and accounts – Add account.
  4. After entering the credentials, enable synchronization of the necessary information.

So on each device there may be a unique set of contacts, your notes and calendars.


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