How to use Netflix in Pakistan. FAQ

A popular streaming service is already in Pakistan, we understand what’s what.

As previously reported , Netflix has expanded its geography and is now officially available in Pakistan and the CIS countries. Unfortunately, by the launch date of the service in Pakistan, the interface was not translated from English, this may alienate some of the potential audience. Of the positive aspects, the presence of a free trial month should be noted.

How to start using Netflix

To register in the service you will need:

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with iOS 7.0 or later or a computer (you can register on Apple TV, but keep in mind that you will have to enter a lot of data, and doing it on the console is still a pleasure);
  • the availability of renewal funds on your Apple ID (as was the case when registering with  Apple Music ). If a bank card is connected to the Apple ID, then a positive balance on it is enough for registration. When registering on a computer, you will need to indicate the details of PayPal or a bank card with a positive balance;
  • 5 minutes time.

The registration procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. We go to the service website  when registering through a computer or download the application from the App Store .
  2. We start registration by clicking the “ Start Your Free Month “ button .
  3. We select the tariff plan you like (the payment for it will begin to be charged after one calendar month).
  4. We indicate a valid email address and come up with a password, do not forget to refuse the mailing list and confirm the fact of your 18th birthday.
  5. When registering with an iPhone or iPad, we enter the Apple ID password, agreeing to a trial month and subscribing to the selected tariff plan (hereinafter, the amount of the subscription fee will be charged from the Apple ID account). When using a computer, you will have to specify the details of a bank card or PayPal account.
  6. We select one or several preferred options for viewing content (the choice does not affect anything, the service collects statistics).
  7. Specify the name of the user / users (just specify any one name).
  8. We select three favorite series or films (the next collection of statistics, in the future they will offer similar content).
  9. Hurrah! We registered with Netflix.

How to disable the automatic extension of the Netflix *

Attention! Do not forget to turn off automatic renewal. It’s better to do it right away, and if you like the service, turn on the subscription at the end of the trial month. Disconnecting takes only a minute, but it can save you from unnecessary expenses in a month. Doing this is as easy as unsubscribing from Apple Music .

  1. Go to Settings – App Store, iTunes Store and click on your Apple ID account.
  2. Select View Apple ID (enter your password), find the Subscriptions section and click Manage .
  3. Specify a Netflix subscription and disable Auto-renew .

Then everything is simple, we search for content through a search or from a catalog and proceed to viewing. Unfortunately, there are still very few films and TV shows with urdu voice acting, but they are. 

How to switch audio and subtitle language

The presence of translation is not marked in any way on the poster or in the menu, you have to check everything yourself. To switch the language of voice acting or subtitles (if they are present), press the button in the upper right corner and select the desired item.

We start using the service, share our impressions and wait for our full review.

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