Huawei is presenting smartphones P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro +

Today at 16:00 Minsk time, Huawei began the presentation of the P40 line of smartphones. These are “almost” flagships: formally, the very top is the Mate series, but P-models can also be called flagships. The company holds the event in an online format: coronavirus after all.

Huawei in the P-line focuses on cameras. Generation P40 will not be an exception, in the stream signature they explicitly promise a “step into a new era” of mobile photography. What is known now and with high probability will be true: there will be a version with 5G, and the chip will be Kirin 990.

The characteristics of the most interesting model, P40 Pro, should be as follows: an OLED screen with a diagonal of 6.58 inches (2640 × 1200) and a refresh rate of 90 Hz, a camera with photosensors at 50 MP, 40 MP, 12 MP, 32 MP, and depth sensor. And yes, no Google Play.

On the stage is Huawei President Richard Yu. He begins with an excursion into history: recalls the main achievements of past models of the P-series. For example, the introduction of AI to improve photos in poor shooting conditions, advanced zoom, smart night mode, and so on.

Finally, Yu moves on to P40. By the way, in spite of a kind of empty hall, someone occasionally claps the top manager.

So, we were shown the P40 Pro and P40 Pro Plus. In front they look exactly the same – a frameless screen into which a dual camera is embedded. The back cover is ceramic, not plastic. But this is the privilege of the Plus model only.


Huawei notes that the frame is significantly thinner compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. This allows you to increase the diagonal of the screen while maintaining adequate dimensions of the smartphone so that it can be used more or less conveniently. But, frankly, working with one hand on smartphones with a diagonal of more than six inches is frankly uncomfortable (although with the proper dexterity it is possible).

Huawei loves unusual colors. To the classic blue and black was added a new one – Silver Frost, matte gray. It looks very cool. Another new one is Blush Gold, “ruddy gold.”

Now more about cameras:

This photo was taken on the P40 Pro:

Richard Yu shows the most beautiful photos from different countries, which reveal the possibilities of new cameras. What percentage (or even a tenth of a percent) of buyers really uses the full power of the cameras, as usual, they do not say.

Huawei introduced a new camera chip – Golden Snap. The idea is that when creating a photo, the smartphone takes a series of shots and offers, according to its version, the most successful frame.

Next, Richard Yu went to the front camera. A representative of Huawei calls her the most advanced, she also knows how to write video in 4K.

Smartphones can record video from two cameras at the same time: on a sensor with high magnification and wide-angle.

Read all the details about the Huawei P40 Pro in our review .


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