Huawei killed the “night mode”: how the P30 Pro camera shoots in harsh conditions

We check whether she is as good as everyone says.

Top left – the main sensor is 40 megapixels, a wide-angle lens is lower, a telephoto lens with a periscope lens system is even lower. 
Right – infrared TOF-3D camera

At the end of March 2019, Huawei introduced new flagships – the P30 and P30 Pro. The two main features of both models are related to the new Leica cameras: high light sensitivity and powerful optical zoom (5x optical and 50x digital). The older model also has a depth sensor, which detects the distance to the object using infrared rays.

Journalists and bloggers have already nicknamed the P30 Pro the best camera on the market. In everyday conditions, it works flawlessly, but more about this can be found in the full review of the smartphone, which will be released later. In the meantime, the editor has studied how the P30 Pro shoots in unusual conditions: for example, if you want to spy on your neighbors at night or shoot the moon.

One of the main innovations of the P30 Pro camera is a 10x “hybrid” zoom (Huawei claims that it works without loss of quality) and 50x digital (with loss of quality). For this, a powerful telephoto lens with a system of lenses working on the principle of a periscope is used – this way the company’s engineers got rid of mechanical elements.

Together with the main sensor and software stabilization, this allows you to enlarge objects that cannot be clearly seen with the eyes even with 100% vision. For example, at night you can easily shoot the Moon at 50x zoom even in complete darkness: aiming and shooting will take a couple of seconds. The result at first is decently striking: until now, the Earth satellite in mobile photography most often looked like a faint bright spot in the sky.

All photos in the material were made using the standard settings of the P30 Pro camera and using the built-in “artificial intelligence”.

At night it’s easy to catch even the incomplete moon – it will look clearer than you can see with your eyes

The most interesting thing begins at an increase of 15 times or more: the smartphone turns into a real binoculars that fits in your pocket. And when using the maximum zoom – almost into a ready-made device for spies and paparazzi.

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