Huawei overtook Apple in smartphone sales in 2019

Analyst companies Counterpoint Research and Canalys reported on the achievements of IT companies in the sale of smartphones.

Even despite the news about the ban on cooperation between US companies, Huawei continues to increase the supply of smartphones, the demand for them is growing. In 2019, the Chinese overtook Apple and became the second in the list of the largest smartphone providers in the world.

So, Huawei shipped about 240 million gadgets against a little less than 200 million from Apple. Samsung continues to maintain leadership with an indicator of 300 million devices.

Counterpoint Research claims that such success has been achieved, for the most part, thanks to increased sales in China. Celestial Empire accounted for 60% of sales, which allowed to increase the annual volume of deliveries worldwide by 17% compared to 2018. [ ArsTechnica ]

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