Huawei talked about a competitor to Google Play

As part of the presentation of new products, Huawei introduced its HMS ecosystem (Huawei Mobile Service) to European developers, which will allow them to adapt their software for the AppGallery app store. The latter is a forced replacement of Google Play on smartphones of a Chinese company after US companies were forbidden to work with Huawei during the US-China trade war.

“ This is a new alternative for consumers and application developers ,” Huawei said. Today, the company can offer developers 400 million active users in 170 countries. AppGallery is one of the three most popular mobile app stores along with Google Play and the Apple Store.

For example, more than 270 million people use the built-in browser in Huawei phones, more than 80 million use the themes, more than 160 million use the music application.

From the stage, they talked a lot about the “amazing consumer experience” that the Chinese app store provides. And some developers talked about how easy it was to transfer services to the new folding Mate X platform in collaboration with Huawei specialists. The company has developed a fourth version of a toolkit for developers who want to adapt their applications for HMS Core, which will facilitate the migration and creation of applications.

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