Hybrid cat with a dog? A strange puppy is being discussed on the Internet.

The network is actively discussing a very unusual outwardly puppy, which at the same time resembles a kitten – thanks to at least increased fluffiness. The creature’s gaze is reminiscent of the one familiar to many doge memes – where Shiba Inu Kabos became the hero. A puppy from Vietnam may well outshine its predecessor, and almost certainly the image will generate new memes.

There was a chance that in the photo there is not a dog and a cat, or even a hybrid of these animals, but something else (there are a great many species on Earth, and there are few who crawled out). The hypothesis is expressed much, various wild animals are mentioned, even pandas. However, in fact, everything is simpler .

Resource Boredpanda conducted its own investigation, and found out that in fact it is a puppy of a Hmong dog, but not a purebred

This is an ancient breed, whose representatives are considered excellent hunters and guards, valued for extremely high intelligence and strength.

It is believed that this breed was bred in a mountainous region in northern Vietnam. This breed is quite well socialized and gets along with children. Usually

The name of this particular dog is Dúi (“bamboo rat”). 
Five days after the puppy’s page appeared on the social network, she scored tens of thousands of likes.

As mentioned above, this is not a purebred Hmong dog, as one of his parents is a “short-legged dingo” (if one exists). 
It is possible that a gene mutation has occurred

In any case, the puppy is cheerful and gives a lot of pleasure to others

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