“I do not believe in science”: the inventor will fly into space on his own rocket to prove the theory of a flat Earth

The 61-year-old American spent 20 thousand dollars for a flight into space and proof of his innocence.

Mike Hughes and his rocket. 
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Self-taught inventor from California Mike Hughes planned to fly into space on his own rocket on November 25th. The American is confident that the Earth is flat, so he intends to go beyond the atmosphere and see everything with his own eyes.

Hughes, 61, has been building a rocket for several years, which he spent about 20 thousand dollars on. In the past, he performed stunt tricks and worked as a limo driver. According to the inventor’s calculations, on Saturday his rocket will develop a speed of approximately 800 kilometers per hour and rise to a height of 600 meters.

Hughes rented a five-kilometer plot from Waldo Stakes, and found parts for the rocket in metal workshops and took from the resellers the components of the aircraft. The inventor took out the engine on the Craigslist website, and painted the carrier body in bright red. For landing in the cockpit equipped with a parachute mounted on a chair.

“I like to do unusual things that no one does,” said Hughes. According to him, the authorities are hiding from people that the Earth is actually flat. He also “does not believe science” and compares it with science fiction.

I know about the aerodynamics and movement of fluids, about how everything moves in the air, about the right size of rocket nozzles and thrust. But this is not science, it is just formulas. There is no difference between science and science fiction.

Mike Hughes


Along with the launch of a rocket in California, Hughes’ gubernatorial election campaign kicks off. You can follow both events on the inventor’s website . The American has promised to leave his four cats with more food in case something goes wrong.

In January 2014, Hughes already launched a makeshift rocket that flew about 400 meters and crashed in the desert. The American received minor injuries and spent three days in the hospital. He also holds the 2002 Guinness record for a 31 meter jump in the Lincoln Town Car limo.

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