Iceland’s national football team has introduced a new logo – it combines four mythological defenders of the country

The idea of ​​using its own folklore was liked even by users of social networks far from sports. Bonus – an epic video with dragons and giants.

The Internet loves the Icelandic national football team: the team was one of the discoveries of Euro 2016, got to the 2018 World Cup in Russia, and the fans remembered their ritual in the stands with claps, which they called the “Viking battle cry”.

In early July, the Icelandic Football Association introduced a new identity and logo for all national teams. The design is based on the history, traditions and folklore of the country. The emblem, in particular, is formed of four symbols, each of them represents one mythological protector.

Fyrir Ísland Ný ásýnd landsliða Íslands í knattspyrnu LANDVAETTIR.KSI.IS

In Icelandic mythology they are called Landvættir (Landvette) – the guardian spirits of the country. Some call them the chthonic spirits of fallen warriors, others – the spirits of nature, which existed long before people settled on Iceland. There are four great defenders in myths: the dragon (Dreki), the eagle (Gammur), the bull (Griðungur), and the giant (Bergrisi).

They became the heroes whose symbols form the logo of the Icelandic football team. In addition, the country’s federation introduced national music and fonts for the team. They also refer to the history, traditions and nature of Iceland.

At the same time, the Icelandic national team showed a video in honor of the new logo, which at the same time presented all the mythological defenders of the country.



The new logo design was highly appreciated by users of social networks. A post about referring to folklore quickly became the most popular publication in the subreddit r / DesignPorn.

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