iFixit disassembled the MacBook Air 2020. It’s easier to repair.

IFixit specialists finally got to the 2020 MacBook Air . Surprisingly, the new items were more maintainable than their predecessors.

The most important change was the “scissors keyboard”, which replaced the hated “butterfly”. The Magic Keyboard is 0.5 mm thicker, plus the new Air weighs 1.27 kg versus 1.25 kg in the old one.

In addition, iFixit found in the new product a slightly enlarged heatsink on the processor and a changed cable arrangement from the trackpad to the motherboard. Previously, it was clamped under the board, but now it can be freely disconnected only by opening the cover.

So now the cable going to the trackpad looks like

So this greatly simplifies the replacement of the trackpad and battery, which runs on the same wires. By the way, the battery capacity has remained the same. And the volume of SSD and RAM can not be expanded with your own hands.

In total, the MacBook Air 2020 earned 4 points out of 10 on the maintainability scale. For the 2018 model, the score was 1 point lower. [ 9to5 ]


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