In Afghanistan, a Boeing 737 crashes with 83 people on board

Ariana Afghan Airlines plane crashed today in Afghanistan while flying Herat – Kabul. This is reported by the Mirror resource.

Onboard the ship were 83 people. The plane crashed in the mountains. It is reported that a fire broke out at the crash site. The fate of passengers and crew is unknown, however, given the information about the crash and fire, it can be assumed that there were no casualties.

Rescue teams advanced to the scene of the incident.

The Ariana Afghan Airlines fleet has an Airbus A310 and a Boeing 737. According to Mirror, a Boeing 737-400 crashed.

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BBC reports that the plane crashed for technical reasons. At the same time, Ariana Afghan Airlines denied the information that its plane crashed: representatives of the airline said that all the liners are in order. However, authorities in the Iranian city of Ghazni, near which the accident occurred, say that it was the Boeing 737 Ariana Afghan Airlines that participated in the incident.

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