In Brazil, police shot and killed a local resident. Friends honored his memory by putting his body in a coffin and playing football with him

The video that appeared on social networks seems strange, but it has a background.

On February 14, a short video from the football field appeared on the net: a coffin lies in front of the goal, the player kicks the ball into him and scores a goal. After that, the players run to the coffin and applaud.

To some Twitter users who did not know the background of the video, it seemed strange and even funny. But in one of the districts of Fortaleza (Brazil), they honored the memory of Jardeson Rodriguez Martins, a young man who was shot dead by the military police.

Jardeson’s father said that on February 13, his son left the house for the store and saw a police car.

The policeman got out of the car and shot. My son ran away, got to another street and hid. When he decided that the police had left, he stood up. And at that moment a policeman shot him in the back of the head.

Gilson Martins dos Santos

jardeson’s father

According to the father of the deceased, when the police realized that they had killed the man, they still took him to the hospital, “just to say that they helped him.”

Law enforcement officials say they were traveling to a call in one of the Frotalose areas due to reports of armed people. According to the police, Martins, having seen their car, ran, allegedly holding his hand at the waist. The police considered his behavior suspicious, tried to approach him, but he started firing, and then they returned fire, the police said. The weapon seized from Martins was taken to the station.

Diário do Nordeste published a video of the moment when a policeman shot Martins. According to journalism Flavia Oliviera, the victim has no weapons in the video.

Jardeson Rodriguez Martins Photo from the personal archive of the family of the deceased

Residents of the Padre Andrade district, where Martins lived, were indignant at what had happened and took to the streets with posters against police violence.

On February 14, the friends of the deceased honored his memory by organizing a symbolic football match (Martins was fond of this sport). They covered the coffin with the uniform of a local team.
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