In China, 17 people died from a new virus. The number of cases increased to 444

Two days ago, the number of deaths from the disease was three people.

The number of deaths from pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus has increased to 17 people. The total number of cases in the province in China rose to 444 people, writes the China Daily publication, citing local authorities. According to other sources , the number of cases exceeded 540 people.

Judging by Reuters, the number of cases is growing rapidly – on Tuesday, January 21, the number of patients was about 300 people. Earlier, the National Health Commission of China has confirmed that the virus is transmitted from person to person. The transmission method was not specified.

An outbreak of pneumonia due to an unknown type of coronavirus began in December 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei Province. In addition to China, cases were detected in Thailand, Japan, South Korea and the United States. According to NRP, so far all deaths from the disease are recorded only in China.

In response to the situation, Rospotrebnadzor began developing a vaccine against the virus, and the department head, Anna Popova, assured that the threat of the spread of the disease in Russia was minimized.

On the same day, January 22, Interfax, citing the chief physician of the Botkin Hospital in St. Petersburg, announced the hospitalization of two people from Pulkovo Airport who arrived from Shanghai. This is a citizen of the Russian Federation and China. At the time of writing, only ARVI confirmed their notes.

Baza published footage of the hospitalization of one of the passengers from the airport. The photo shows that the doctors are wearing protective suits, and the stretchers are covered with an airtight dome.

A WHO emergency meeting due to an unknown coronavirus is scheduled for January 23rd.

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