In Hong Kong, armed men stole 600 rolls of toilet paper. The city fears its lack due to coronavirus

Local authorities urge people not to panic.

Part of the stolen packages of toilet paper Photo Apple Daily

In Hong Kong, three armed men stole 600 rolls of toilet paper, CNN reports citing a police spokesman. Two robbers are detained, the third is wanted.

According to the BBC, the attackers threatened with a knife the courier, who was taking 50 packages of toilet paper to the supermarket. Their total cost is about 130 US dollars (about 8,200 Russian rubles). Part of the packages was found during the detention of robbers.

The robbery came amid widespread rumors of a shortage of goods due to the outbreak of the Covid 2019 coronavirus. Local authorities cut supplies from China, which caused a panic in Hong Kong. In addition to toilet paper, residents also buy packages of rice and pasta. At the same time, the city government tried to convince the population not to panic and assured that there was enough food and household supplies.

CNN commented on the situation at major supermarkets in Hong Kong and food delivery companies. They claim that there were no supply problems. Some networks, including Wellcome, have imposed a limit on the number of units that one person can purchase.

At the time of writing, there are more than seven thousand people infected with Covid-2019 in the world. February 17, it became known about the first case of infection among Russians. The virus was found in a girl who was on a cruise ship in Japan.

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