In India, a million people bit snakes to death

News from the column “Interesting to Know” – in India, more than a million people died from snakebites. But not at a time, but in 20 years. These are data from a large-scale international study of the causes of mortality in India. At WHO, the problem of snakebites is considered one of the top priorities in world health.

The cause of most deaths is the bites of a viper, kraut and cobra. They bite mainly in the legs, people aged 30 to 69 years usually become victims, writes the BBC. In India, so many deaths from bites are recorded, primarily due to the inaccessibility of medical care.

The chain viper is guilty of a large number of deaths, because it is widespread in India, and it lives near settlements. One and a half meter Indian kraits are usually calm during the day, but become extremely aggressive at night. Cobras also often attack after dark, their bites can cause severe internal bleeding, requiring emergency medical attention.



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