In iOS 13, found details about the system for finding lost things from Apple

A small label with the company logo will inform you when you remove the item from the owner and will allow you to find it.

The iOS 13 code found details of the operation of the AirTag personal tracking system from Apple. Using special shortcuts, owners of iOS devices will be able to find lost keys, wallets, backpacks and more. This was reported by the site MacRumors, which studied the internal assembly of iOS 13.

The authors of the resource found in the system the appearance of the device, which looks like a round label with the Apple logo. They suggested that this is either the tracker itself for tracking things, or a stand for charging it.

In iOS 13, the device is called the code name “B389”. For example, one of the lines with the description says “mark your daily items with B389 and you will never lose them again”.

Apparently, the label system will be very closely connected with the updated Locator application. Despite the fact that in the public versions of iOS 13 the tags were not mentioned, in the internal version in Latitude there is a tab “Things”.

As MacRumors found out, users will receive notifications when they move away from a tracked item. You can also press the search button, which will turn on the sound signal on the tracker and allow you to quickly find a thing.

In Latitude, it will also be possible to configure “safe zones”, where the user will not be notified of the loss of things. The location of items can be shared with friends and family members.

If you find the thing does not work, then you can enable the “Lost Mode”. After that, if another user with an iPhone finds a lost item, he can see the contact information of the owner and contact him. Perhaps iPhones will send notifications if an outsider walks alongside a lost item.

After examining the assembly code, MacRumors also learned that the system will allow you to search for objects using augmented reality. After scanning the room, you can use the camera to see where this or that thing is.

Judging by the internal descriptions in Latitude, Apple tags will be equipped with a replaceable battery. The application found instructions for replacing the power source, which says to unscrew the back and remove the battery. Journalists suggest that this may be a button battery, as in many watches and other trackers. When the battery level is low, the tag will send a notification about the need to replace the battery.

As noted in MacRumors, the authors studied the iOS 13 build from June 2019, so everything could change. At the same time, the image of the tag coincided with the first mention of trackers from April 2019. Then 9to5Mac author Guilherme Rambo announced Apple’s plans to release such a device.

Apple will present the new devices on September 10th. Journalists expect the announcement of three new iPhones, a minor update to the Apple Watch, as well as new models of the iPad, iPad Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

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