In Istanbul, a homeless cat took to the stage during an orchestra performance – and “stole” the show

“Hey, you’re sitting here with your cello, but smooth surface.”

In mid-February, a classical music concert from the CRR Symphony Orchestra Orchestra was held in Istanbul in the Jemal Reshet Rey Concert Hall. But the performance went a little out of plan – all because of a stray cat who appeared on the stage.

The cat did not just walk around the stage, but approached the musicians of different groups, asking her to pet. At some point, they tried to grab the animal, but it was not given into the hands. Then the cat jumped into the place of the conductor.

Spectators greeted every action of the animal with laughter and applause. At the same time, she did not ruin the concert – having calmed down, the cat sat on the edge of the stage and began to listen to classical music.

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