In Japan, introduced a smartphone that prevents teens from taking nude photos and notifies parents of “pranks”

So that no one regrets the “nudes.”

The Japanese company Tone announced a budget smartphone e20, the main feature of which was the safety of minors. A neural network, trained to recognize photos with naked people, is integrated into the firmware of the device.

If a user tries to take a selfie with “adult content”, the device will not save the picture to memory. Moreover, if a special option is activated, the system will automatically notify the “incident” of the parents or other specified contact.

The Tone e20 is equipped with a triple camera with a 13 MP main sensor, a 3900 mAh battery and a 6, 96 inch HD + screen. It costs 19,800 yen (approximately 11.5 thousand rubles) and is sold only in Japan.

Artificial intelligence and neural networks have long been used to determine inappropriate content in the issuance of large social networks and search engines. Neural networks are also able to modify the contents of existing images – the DeepFake network has become the most famous of them .

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