In Las Vegas, someone puts little cowboy hats on pigeons. Zoodefenders worry and remove them from birds

There are many questions, few answers.

Photo Fox News

In Las Vegas spotted pigeons with small cowboy hats on their heads. Now they are hunted down by zoo protectors and rid birds of unusual accessories. It is reported by Fox News.

A local resident, Robert Lee, who shot pigeons in hats, jokingly suggested that a rodeo had arrived in the city. “I have no other explanation. I noticed something red on the heads of the birds and thought it looked amazing, ”he told the publication.

“B **, these birds in hats, bro! 
Oh my God! 
What the hell is that? 
What shit you can find in my area! ”

According to the local television channel, the pigeon protection service Lofty Hopes is seriously concerned about the possible negative impact of hats on birds. “At first I thought:“ God, how sweet! ” And then: “Wait a minute, how did they put these hats on the pigeons?”, ”The organization’s representative Mariah Hellman told the channel.

The organization is now tracking birds, catching them and taking off their hats. “Did they stick them?” And why? An accessory can attract predators or prevent birds from flying, ”said Hellman. Lofty Hopes posted on Facebook a repost video with cowboy pigeons and asked to call the organization if someone noticed unusual birds.

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