In Rotterdam, the subway train could not stop and nearly collapsed from a height. He was saved by an art object in the form of a whale’s tail

The resulting scene with a carriage held by a sculpture at a height of eight meters looks like an even more intricate art object.
On the night of November 2, in the city of Rotterdam (Netherlands), an unusual accident occurred with the participation of a metro train: upon arrival at the De Akkers ground station (the last station of its branch), it could not stop, broke through the fence on the rails and drove towards the end of the railway tracks. At the same time, the paths end at a height of about eight meters above the ground.

In the end, the driver could not stop the train, and the first car drove out of the platform. But he was lucky: at the end of the metro line in Rotterdam, an art object was installed in the form of two whale tails. One of the sculptures ended up stopping the train and preventing it from falling from a height. According to the Dutch police, the driver was not injured, and there were no passengers in the cars, as the train was already heading to the depot.

One of the first on the scene was the photographer Joey Bremer. His pictures were shared on social networks.

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