In Russia, announced the “antimicrobial” iPhone

The Russian brand Caviar has announced a collection of smartphones iPhone 11 Pro with a case made of silver of 925-th test. The collection contains four mobile phones with “bactericidal” properties. Each model depicts a protective symbol revered in different world cultures, made of gold of the 750th test.

“Precious materials with a disinfecting effect and strong amulets are designed to protect the wearer from harmful bacteria, restore emotional balance, and help cope with stress during this difficult time,” the company says.

One of the models of the iPhone 11 Pro carries an image of Fatima’s hand – a charm that protects the wearer from damage and the evil eye. The other depicts Saint Nicholas the Miracle Worker, to whom they turn for help in curing diseases and illnesses. On the third is a blooming lotus, symbolizing purity and spiritual balance, fourth – a dragon as a symbol of the desire for peace and prosperity.

The price of silver smartphones starts at 344 thousand Russian rubles (about $ 4.6 thousand).

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