In Russia, compiled a list of mandatory applications for smartphones

The Federal Antimonopoly Service has published a list of applications and programs required for installation on smartphones, tablets, Smart TV and computers (weighing up to 10 kg) intended for sale in Russia. It is noted that “a widely used domestic software with social significance” will be installed.

The list of applications required for smartphones and tablets includes domestic antivirus programs, navigators, search engines, public service access programs and payment systems (payment systems only on smartphones), the department’s website reports .

In addition, on tablets, computers and smart TVs, it should be possible to install “audio-visual services programs”, as well as software for viewing programs of the I and II multiplex (analogue of the “social package” in Belarus. – Note Onliner).

Initially, the requirement will affect smartphones – from July 1, 2020. This will be followed by a series of tablets (July 1, 2021), PCs (July 1, 2022) and smart TVs (July 1, 2023).

Officials promise to ensure equal conditions for competition with the mandatory installation of Russian software.

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