In Russia, will develop a sniper rifle with a range of 7 kilometers

The Russian company Lobaev Arms is developing a DXL-5 sniper rifle with a record range of six to seven kilometers and confident shooting – three kilometers. This was reported by  RIA “Novosti” with reference to the CEO of the company Vladislav Lobaev. The most long-range rifle to date, “The Twilight”, the production of which is also engaged in Lobaev Arms, strikes targets at a distance of two and a half kilometers with confident shooting and 4.2 kilometers with a record.

“The preliminary name of the project is DXL-5, our family includes such products as DXL-4“ Sevastopol ”and DXL-3“ Retribution ”. There were no rifles with such range in the world market of sniper weapons, ”said Lobaev.

He explained that the rifle will receive a new cartridge with a set of technological innovations that will ensure shooting at a record distance. According to Lobaev, the cartridge will have a larger size and initial speed than bullets that were used for the company’s products before.

It is planned that DXL-5 will be ready in early 2021, however, the situation with coronavirus may adversely affect the timing.


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