In tests, the world’s most powerful Android smartphone lit up

In AnTuTu performance tests, a new Android record holder has appeared. A screenshot of the benchmark results was at the disposal of the Android Authority resource . Previously, the leader was Xiaomi Mi 10, which scored 560 217 points, but the next device has higher indicators – 574 985. It is alleged that this is a Realme RMX2071 smartphone.

Both smartphones run on a Snapdragon 865 processor with Adreno 650 graphics, however the unannounced Realme smartphone is probably better optimized (or prepared to participate in synthetic tests). At the same time, the abundance of “parrots” in the benchmarks does not carry much useful information, but it partially indicates the theoretical performance of mobile devices.

Moreover, many vendors intentionally “optimize” smartphones to achieve high performance in various tests.

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