In the Netherlands, after hacking encrypted phones of drug dealers, they found torture cameras

Inside the cells, they found handcuffs attached to the floor and ceiling, as well as scalpels and body armor.

Shot from a video of the Netherlands Police

Netherlands police after breaking into encrypted phone numbers of drug dealers discovered torture chambers. It is reported by CBC with reference to law enforcement.

The cameras found in the southern suburbs of Rotterdam – seven cargo containers turned into improvised prison cells and torture chambers. The police said that the attackers did not have time to use them. The containers were noticed back in April, every day a group of men came to work with them. The police detained them when they completed all the work.

Inside the cells, police found handcuffs, body armor, a police uniform, scalpels, and balaclava attached to the floor and ceiling. The containers were also soundproofed. “These tools were most likely intended to torture victims, or at least to exert psychological pressure on them,” police said. In correspondence, these cells were called the “treatment room” and “Ebi” – with reference to Abbott’s Dutch maximum security prison.

After the containers were found, the police arrested six people, one of them being a chat participant in the encrypted EncroChat network, which was hacked by EU law enforcement agencies. The detainees are suspected of kidnapping and hostage-taking, two of them also in possession of weapons. The police also warned potential victims of intruders.

On July 2, the European Union Police Service reported that they had cracked the encrypted phone numbers of drug dealers – the law enforcement agency managed to break into the encrypted EncroChat network through which the crime suspects communicated. Thanks to this, hundreds of suspects in the UK, Norway, Sweden, France and the Netherlands were arrested, as well as tons of drugs were seized.


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