In the Russian version of Watch Dogs: Legion for PC, you cannot select English voice acting

Although earlier on the game page, two languages were indicated.

On the official English-language forum of Ubisoft, several topics appeared in which players from Russia drew attention to the inability to switch from Russian to English voice acting in the PC version. In the console version, changing languages works fine.

The moderators asked to send screenshots from the language selection menu, and one of the users posted a screenshot from the Russian-language support. The letter says that the copies of the game purchased in Russia come with one language and it is impossible to add other versions of the voice acting to them.

We can confirm that the Russian version of the game is activated on your account, in which the English language is not included. We are unable to add English or replace the version of the game for technical reasons.

Ubisoft Support

Players note that before the release and in the first days after the release, the ability to switch to English voice acting was indicated on the official game page, but then disappeared.

It was

Has become
Watch Dogs: Legion was released on October 29 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and will be available on the next generation consoles on the same day.

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