In the sky above Sydney, an unknown person wrote the words “Wash your hands.”

A reminder from above.

Photo @sc_redleader

On March 12, the words “Wash your hands” appeared in the sky near Port Jackson Bay in central Sydney . Earlier, Australian health authorities recalled the need to comply with hygiene rules against the background of the epidemic of coronavirus Covid-19.

In early March, Australians began to massively buy toilet paper amid an epidemic. Due to the deficit, manufacturers increased production, and supermarkets limited the sale of goods.

By March 12, 126 confirmed cases of infection were recorded in the country, including 64 in New South Wales. Earlier, American actor Tom Hanks, who is in Australia on the set of a film about Elvis Presley, said that he and his wife are infected with coronavirus and intend to “test, monitor and be isolated from society for safety.”
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