In the United States, the launch of a makeshift rocket killed the inventor Mike Hughes. He tried to prove the theory of a flat earth

An amateur engineer nicknamed “Mad Mike” crashed into the ground on the device after a parachute system malfunction.

64-year-old self-taught inventor Mike Hughes, nicknamed “Mad Mike” died on February 22, crashed on a steam engine rocket, which he himself assembled. This was reported by representatives of the channel Science Channel, filming a launch for their transmission.

As part of the Homemade Astronauts show, Hughes planned to rise to a height of 1.5 kilometers, and then land in the desert near the city of Barstow. But when taking off, there were problems with the parachute system, and the rocket crashed into the ground at full speed. This moment hit the video.

Hughes became famous in 2017 for his remarks on the theory of a flat earth. According to him, he built a rocket for several years in order to rise into space and photograph the planet from above, thereby proving the lies of the authorities.

“I do not believe in science”: the inventor will fly to …The 61-year-old American spent 20 thousand dollars for a flight into space and proof of his innocence.

After these statements, the Flat Earth Society helped him raise the missing funds to build a rocket. According to a friend of Hughes Darren Schuster, the engineer so attracted the attention of sponsors to implement the idea. “This guy knew that he would not live to be 80 years old,” Schuster added.

The launch was delayed several times, but in 2018, Mad Mike climbed to a height of about 570 meters. The flight ended in a hard landing, but Hughes was able to land by parachute. This time just the parachute system failed.

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