In Tokyo, completely transparent public toilets have appeared. They use smart glass

The toilet ceases to be transparent when there is a visitor inside.

Photo The Nippon Foundation

New public toilets have been installed in two parks in Tokyo – the booths are painted in bright colors and are clearly visible through. It is assumed that those who need to use them can make sure that the booth is clean and safe without going inside or touching anything.

When a visitor enters and locks the door, the smart glass becomes frosted and opaque.

Opinions on social networks were divided : some commentators noted that the stalls, thanks to the innovation, look especially bright and clean, while others suspected that due to a malfunction, the walls of the toilet may well become transparent during use.

Photo The Nippon Foundation

Shigeru Ban, winner of the prestigious Pritzker Prize, came up with the idea for smart toilet cubicles. They were part of a campaign to renovate public toilets in Tokyo ahead of the Olympic Games, postponed to 2021 due to the corona virus.

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