Insider: Microsoft originally intended to release Xbox Lockhart in mid-October, and the Series X – in August 2020 the year

Brad Sams also noted that the Xbox Lockhart – the unannounced junior version of Series X – most likely has a non-cubic shape.

Blogger and insider Brad Sams, who repeatedly reported reliable information about Microsoft devices before their official announcement, commented on June 30 about Xbox Lockhart, the allegedly younger version of the Xbox Series X.

According to Sams, the console should be officially unveiled soon. An insider noted that initially Microsoft was going to release the Xbox Lockhart in mid-October 2020, and Series X even earlier in August.

According to Sams, the company’s plans were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Microsoft itself during the announcement and first show of the Xbox Series X announced that it was going to release the console in the fall of 2020.

Sams also said that the Xbox Lockhart, in his opinion, has a form different from the Xbox Series X. The insider justified this by saying that Microsoft allegedly asked its employees and third-party developers who received Series X to mask the console in subwoofers and PC cases during trips in the form of a tower. At the same time, the company advised Lockhart to hide in Durango and Scorpio cases – under such working names were the Xbox One and Xbox One X.


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