Instagram launched Reels service similar to TikTok in 50 more countries – Russia is not among them

Users will be able to record 15-second videos and add effects to them.

Facebook announced the launch of a new story format based on Instagram called Reels. Users will be able to record 15-second videos and edit them with effects, sounds and other tools.

Facebook has been testing Reels since November 2019 in Brazil. This time, the service was launched in 50 countries, including the USA, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Australia and others, the Facebook press service specified .

“Reels is not available in countries where we do not have music rights. In these countries, people will be able to watch Reels content, but not hear the music, ”said a company representative. In Russia, there are also no stickers on Instagram for adding music to stories.

Users will be able to shoot a video by selecting sound from the music library of the social network. In addition, you can record your own original sound – if the account is open, then other users will be able to use the original sound in the future.

For shooting, you can select the countdown, then the recording will start three seconds after pressing the button. You can record the entire video at once, in parts or download from your phone.

Before recording the next frame, you can align objects on the previous one to create smooth transitions. In the service, you can speed up or slow down video or audio, as well as select the cover of the video.

Clicking on a song, hashtag, or effect will open a page with all videos that use that element.

Reels can be published to the feed (then the video will appear in the general profile) or shared with a wider audience in a new dedicated section under the Explore tab. A tab for Reels will also appear on the profile page. Videos can also be published in Stories, but then they will not appear in Explore and in the profile.

In your personal account, you can set up privacy: prohibit other users from using the original sound, or allow only your subscribers to see Reels videos.
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