Internet speed record set at 44.2 terabits per second

A group of researchers from Australian universities announced the establishment of a new record for the speed of data transfer via the Internet. A scientific article published in the journal Nature Communications claims that they were able to achieve speeds of 44.2 Tbps (44,200,000 Mbps). In theory, this is enough to download 50 Blu-ray discs of 100 GB each in one second.

The authors of the study write that they found 75 km of standard optical fiber and the only integrated chip for this record. A test connection was established between two university campuses in Melbourne. The infrastructure of the local National Broadband Network was used, on the basis of which Australian providers work.

– Our study demonstrates the ability of the fibers that we already have to be the basis of communication networks now and in the future. “We designed something scalable to meet future needs, ” says Bill Corcoran, one of the study’s authors.

Record speed was achieved thanks to micro-comb technology, which offers a more efficient and compact way to transfer data. These are peculiar optical frequency cells, which are generated by built-in resonators with microplanes. In this study, a class of microcells such as soliton crystals was used.

“In the long term, we hope to create integrated photonic chips that will achieve such a data transfer speed on existing fiber optic communication lines at minimal cost, ” the researchers emphasize.


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