IOS 11.3 released. What’s new?

So the long-awaited moment of the release of iOS 11.3 has come. Apple has released an update for everyone.

This update focuses primarily on improving system performance and stability. By the way, the latest beta versions were really quick.

But there are still innovations.


Firstly, the item Battery status in the same section. With this feature, you can track iPhone battery capacity. It works on iPhone 6 and above.

As soon as your smartphone starts to reboot, iOS automatically activates the process of slowing down the processor. You can turn off deceleration in the same section when the function is activated.

ARKit 1.5

In this update, augmented reality objects will learn to move along a vertical plane.

In other words, objects can be moved along walls, doors and other obstacles, and not just along the floor and horizontal planes.


In iOS 11.3, four new animojis were added at once (skull, dragon, bear and lion), and the total number of animated characters will be 16.

Business chat

Schedule a meeting, make purchases with Apple Pay (not yet relevant for Russia) right in the Messages application and discuss business details without revealing information about yourself – all this is allowed by the new Business Chat service.

Minor changes:

• The iPad has a smart system for monitoring the state of charge. It protects the tablet’s battery from excessive wear and tear when connected for a long time.

• The “Updates” tab in the App Store now displays the version number and update size for each specific application.

• There is an additional section with exclusive video content in Apple Music.

• Added search for friends with similar musical preferences.

• Color Inversion finally supports images on both the Internet and Mail.

• Added support for AML technology, which provides emergency services with more accurate location information in the event of an emergency.

• Support for a new type of authentication for accessories that support HomeKit.

• Podcasts play episodes after a single tap.

• Improved search in Contacts with long entries.

• Improved Handoff performance and universal clipboard between devices on the same WiFi network.

• Fixed a bug that prevented incoming calls from activating the screen.

• Fixed a bug that prevented voicemail from playing.

• Fixed a bug that prevented the link from being opened in Messages.

• A bug was fixed that prevented returning to Mail after viewing attached files.

• Fixed a bug due to which time and notifications disappeared from the lock screen.

• Fixed a bug that prevented parents from confirming the purchase through Face ID.

• Fixed a bug that prevented updating data in the Weather application.

• Fixed a bug that prevented the synchronization of contacts with the phone book of the car when connected via Bluetooth.

• Fixed a bug that prevented background playback of sound in the car.

The update takes 700-800 MB. You can download iOS 11.3 now via iTunes or “over the air.” Download, gentlemen!

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