IOS 13.4 beta 1 for everyone has been released. What’s new

Apple has released the public version of iOS 13.4 beta 1.

In this update, the company made several adjustments, fixed bugs and increased stability of the operating system.

So what’s new?

ICloud Drive Folder Sharing featured

It allows you to share your folders with other people in iCloud Drive. Just write a contact and allow it access to the Share menu.

Not all users work yet.

Introduced one-stop shopping

In iOS 13.4, the mention of a special feature for developers of Universal Purchases appeared. With its help, the developer can create, in fact, a separate package that is bought by users once.

For example, you take an application for iOS, and it will be available on macOS and tvOS for free.

New button layout in the Mail application

Apple has reordered some of the buttons in the Mail app. There were situations when users accidentally clicked the Delete button instead of Reply. They were nearby in the lower right corner of the screen.

Now in the bottom row on the page with the letter there are four icons: Delete, Move to folder, Flag and Reply. This should fix the situation.

New toggle switch in Control Room

You can now add a toggle switch to enable / disable the Message Announcement function with Siri in the Control Center . Works with AirPods 2, Powerbeats Pro and above.

The CarKey API has appeared

It allows you to share NFC car keys with other users. In addition, you can configure the keys so that you can open and start the machine through the iPhone.

You just need to bring the smartphone to the car. It works through Wallet.

9 new Memoji stickers

In fact, these are 9 new facial expressions, or gestures that everyone can use. Memoji sets skin color, facial features, hairstyle, hair color, headgear and glasses.

How to download iOS 13.4 Public beta 1

The firmware size is about 3.5 GB.

You can download iOS 13.4 Public beta 1 now “over the air” in the Settings menu -> General -> Software Update . All you need to do is register with the Apple Beta Program .

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