IOS 13.4 Beta 2 for everyone has been released. What’s new

pple released the public iOS 13.4 Beta 2, two weeks after the release of the first beta .

Build number is 17E5233g .

In this version, Apple changed some elements, fixed bugs, and improved system stability.

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The firmware size is 460 MB. It can be installed “over the air.” To upgrade, you need to register in the beta program of Apple .

So what has changed in iOS 13.4 Beta 2?

In Mail, we changed the buttons on the bottom panel

Instead of a flag, a button was added to create a new message. The location of the answer button has also changed.

New Apple TV settings

The Apple TV application has the opportunity to choose the quality of playback and download.

By default, these options are disabled. But if you have limited traffic, you can go to the settings and activate the Save data option. In this case, Apple TV will consume a maximum of 600 MB of traffic per hour. At the same time, the quality of the video being played will decrease.

Car keys in iMessage

Topic: The new iOS 13.4 feature turns the iPhone into a car key

Owners of electronic car keys will be able to share them in iMessage. You can send the key only in personal correspondence, you can not drop it in a group chat.

New download icon in Latitude

In the Latitude application, the download icon has been updated, which is displayed during the search for friends.

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