IOS 13.4 released. What’s new

Apple has released iOS 13.4 for everyone.

Build Number – 17E255

In this update, Apple fixed bugs in previous releases, improved performance, and added several new useful features.


So what has changed?

ICloud Drive folder sharing

It allows you to share your folders with other people in iCloud Drive. Just write a contact and allow it access to the Share menu.

One-stop shopping

Users can buy one application that will work immediately on iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. For example, you bought a program on an iPhone, then you can download it for free in the Mac App Store.

In Mail, we changed the buttons on the bottom panel

Instead of a flag, a button was added to create a new message. The location of the answer button has also changed.

New Apple TV settings

The Apple TV application has the opportunity to choose the quality of playback and download.

By default, these options are disabled. But if you have limited traffic, you can go to the settings and activate the Save data option. In this case, Apple TV will consume a maximum of 600 MB of traffic per hour. At the same time, the quality of the video being played will decrease.

New toggle switch in Control Room

You can now add a toggle switch to enable / disable the Message Announcement function with Siri in the Control Center. Works with AirPods 2, Powerbeats Pro, and AirPods Pro.

9 new Memoji stickers

In fact, these are nine new facial expressions, or gestures that everyone can use. In Memoji, you can change skin color, facial features, hairstyle, hair color, choose a hat and glasses.

Trackpad can now be connected to iPad

IPad users can now connect any trackpads and mice. Gestures appeared on Mac.

Topic: How the new mouse and trackpad work in iOS 13.4

Car keys in iMessage

Topic: The new iOS 13.4 feature turns the iPhone into a car key

Owners of electronic car keys will be able to share them in iMessage. You can send the key only in personal correspondence, you can not drop it in a group chat.

New download icon in Latitude

Updated Calendar widget on iPad

The Queue widget on the iPad now shows the geo-location of upcoming events.

Other changes

▪️ Responses to encrypted messages are automatically encrypted when the S / MIME function is configured.
▪️ The Apple Arcade games you recently played are displayed on the Arcade tab — you can continue playing the game on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.
▪️ Apple Arcade List Mode in the “See all games”.
▪️ Support for third-party navigation applications in the CarPlay panel.
▪️ Information about the current call is displayed in the CarPlay panel.
▪️ Quick View AR now supports playing audio in USDZ files.
▪️ Support for predictive input in Arabic.
▪️ A VPN disable indicator has been added to the status bar on iPhone models with full-screen displays.

▪️ A bug has been fixed in the “Camera” application, which could cause a black screen to appear after starting the viewfinder.
▪️ Fixed a bug due to which the use of excessive storage by the Photos application could be displayed.
▪️ A bug was fixed in the “Photos” application, which could lead to a failure to export the image to Messages if iMessage was disabled.
▪️ A bug has been fixed in Mail, due to which letters could be displayed in the wrong order.
▪️ Fixed a problem in Mail, due to which empty lines could be displayed in the conversation list.
▪️ A bug has been fixed in Mail that could lead to an unexpected termination of the Mail application when you touch the Share button in quick view mode.
▪️ A bug has been fixed in the Settings, due to which the data transmission function over the cellular network could erroneously appear as disabled.
▪️ A bug has been fixed in Safari due to which the colors on web pages were not inverted if the Dark Mode and Smart Inversion functions were simultaneously active.
▪️ Fixed a bug due to which the text copied from web content could be invisible when pasted when the Dark mode is enabled.
▪️ An issue has been resolved in Safari due to which CAPTCHA images might not display correctly.
▪️ Fixed a bug due to which the “Reminders” application might not send new notifications about a missed recurring reminder until it was marked as completed.
▪️ Fixed a bug due to which the “Reminders” application could send notifications about completed reminders.
▪️ Fixed a bug due to which iCloud Drive could appear as available in Pages, Numbers and Keynote, even if the login was not made.
▪️ Fixed a bug in Apple Music that could prevent streaming video clips with high quality.
▪️ Fixed an issue where the CarPlay connection might be interrupted in some cars.
▪️ The CarPlay bug has been fixed, due to which the displayed area in Maps could briefly move away from the current area.
▪️ A bug has been fixed in the “Home” application, due to which an incorrect recording could open when a notification of activity was touched from a surveillance camera.
▪️ Fixed a bug due to which quick commands might not be displayed when touching the “Share” menu in the screenshot.
▪️ Improved Burmese keyboard layout: punctuation marks are now available on keys with numbers and symbols.

How to download iOS 13.4

The size of the firmware is about 980 MB.

You can download iOS 13.4 right now in the Settings → General → Software Update menu .


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