iOS 14 revealed that LinkedIn scans the user’s clipboard. The company called it a “bug”

They promise to fix the problem by the release of the system in September 2020.

Urspace developer discovered that LinkedIn scans the clipboard after every keystroke. The application can also access the clipboard of other devices connected to the iCloud shared owner.

In a conversation with ZDNet, LinkedIn representatives called scanning the user clipboard a bug. The company noted that they did not conceive such an application behavior.

As Erran Berger, vice president of consumer product development, explained , the reason for the bug was the part of the code that was responsible for verifying that the copied and already typed text corresponded. According to him, LinkedIn did not store and did not transfer clipboard data.

iOS 14 was intrduced on June 22 at a conference for developers at WWDC 2020. One of the new privacy features of the system was notifications about scanning clipboard exchanges, which Apple did not talk about during the presentation.

Now the system warns users about every attempt to get the copied data. This has already caused problems for large services, including TikTok, where they explained the scan of the clipboard as a fight against scammers and promised to remove it in the next updates.


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