IOS 14 will improve mouse support and add new gestures to it

In the iOS 14 code, mention was made of new pointers and gestures for the mouse.

Starting with iOS 13, users can connect mice to their iPhone and iPad. In iOS 14, Apple will pump this feature: mice and trackpads will work like on a Mac. New features will appear:

Topic: Now you can connect any mouse to iPad

▪️ Several pointers . In normal mode, the cursor will be used as an arrow. When you hover over a link, it will switch to the hand.

▪️ The right mouse button will emulate a two-finger click on the screen.

▪️ Tap for click . There is such a function in the trackpad for Mac, it replaces the left mouse button click. Now it will be on the iPad.

▪️ The cursor will disappear for a few seconds while not in use. When you move the mouse, it will immediately appear.

The iOS 14 code also mentions two new Smart Keyboards with a trackpad . Probably for the iPad Pro with a screen of 11 and 12.9 inches. [ Macrumors ]

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