iPad Pro 2020 and MacBook Air go on sale in Russia

A week after the start of sales in the world, the March Apple news finally arrived in Russia. Apparently, they went through customs .

Apple’s official website updated this night. Now you can order both the iPad Pro 2020 and the latest MacBook Air .

Price in Russia

MacBook Air shipping deadlines for posting are between April 10 and 17. That is, you have to wait two weeks . But at least you can order.

IPad Pro 2020 will be a little faster: it will be released from April 8 to 10, a week from today.

According to the experience of my previous orders, the terms on the site usually stand with a margin, and the equipment is brought in early. But in the current situation, I would not count on super-fast delivery.

Anyway, have a nice shopping.

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