iPhone 12 may lose “monobrow”

According to former Meizu President Li Nan, Apple is working hard to rid the new generation of smartphones of the “monobrow” that was first introduced with the release of the iPhone X. However, he does not believe that the company’s engineers will be able to solve this problem by the release of the iPhone 12. .

There are many rumors about the future flagship of Apple. There were even renderings on which the future iPhone 12 was supposedly captured without a cut-out in the display on the screen. This option is possible if Apple can integrate components under the display. First of all, we are talking about cameras.

Analysts suggest that this year Apple will introduce five smartphones at once. Two of them are models with different sizes of the “budget” iPhone 9 screen. He was expected to release this spring, but due to coronavirus and factory failures in China, this release may be delayed.


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