iPhone 5G will launch a new supercycle, and Apple will cost $ 2 trillion

An analyst at Wedbush once again shared his opinion that the advent of 5G in Apple smartphones will launch a new so-called supercycle: when owners of older iPhones begin to massively switch to the most current model. The supercycle is called the sales driver, since usually the demand for new products is lower due to their minor upgrades.

But the appearance of the iPhone with 5G support will become what, according to analysts, will be widely in demand among consumers, and not least among consumers in China (the country is considered one of the largest global mobile phone markets).

Against this background, the analyst predicts a further increase in Apple stock prices, which will be traded at $ 450. Earlier this year, they talked about $ 425, and at the end of 2019, the forecast for 2020 sounded $ 350 (now $ 381, the maximum for the year is $ 399).

The American company will also actively earn on services, the volume of which is growing in the portfolio of Apple services. It is assumed that the new iPhone will be presented as usual in September; it will be available in October.

Wedbush specialist colleagues also predict further rally in technology companies ’stocks – at least until the end of this year.


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