iPhone 9, the new iPad Pro, Apple Watch with sleep tracking, geotagging and AirPods overhead: what they found in iOS 14

Journalists got the source code of the system long before its release and studied it in detail.

On March 9, the 9to5Mac website turned out to be the code for iOS 14 – a system that should be introduced only in the summer of 2020. Journalists examined the files and found mention of many potential Apple products, including the iPhone 9, the new iPad Pro model, the Apple Watch update, AirTag tags and the first AirPods.

iPad Pro with triple camera and depth sensor

The updated iPad Pro will receive a new camera system of three lenses. They will repeat the iPhone 11 Pro: one will be wide-angle, the second will be super-wide, and the third will be a telephoto lens. In addition, a depth sensor (ToF 3D sensor) will be built into the tablet.

Leaks about the new iPad Pro cameras first started back in September 2019. Then, insider Sonny Dixon published a snapshot of the back cover of the tablet with a cutout for a triple camera.

iPad Pro with Triple Camera Render Cult of Mac

At 9To5Mac it is assumed that the new sensor will be responsible for the functions associated with augmented reality. This is hinted at by the mention in the iOS 14 code of a new application for AR, which will also allow users to interact with store shelves.

iPhone 9

In 2017, Apple missed the ninth number model when it introduced the iPhone X. At 9to5Mac, it was suggested that the iPhone, which will be unveiled in March, will be called the iPhone 9 and will support Touch ID.

The authors of the site believe that this will be an inexpensive model aimed at iPhone 6 users who do not want to change smartphones to new ones. It is expected that the iPhone 9 will be presented at the end of March 2020 along with iOS 13.4.

iPhone 8 Photo Time

Rumors about the release of the “heir” iPhone SE go for several years. In September 2019, Nikkei agency announced that the smartphone will be presented in the spring of 2020, in terms of characteristics and form factor, it will be similar to the iPhone 8, and its cost will not exceed $ 400 (about 28 thousand rubles).

Apple Watch Series 6 Parental Controls Tracking Sleep and Blood Oxygen

Researchers managed to learn most of the details about the next version of the Apple Watch Series 6 watch and watchOS 7. The watch dials will receive serious updates: now they can be shared with other users – each dial will be processed as a separate file.

In watchOS 6, there are two dials for the infograph – standard and modular, which were introduced in 2018. With the new version of the system, a professional infograph will be added to them, which will support the tachometer – a scale popular on a watch, which allows you to determine the speed of movement.

In addition, it will now be possible to install not only pictures from your collection or albums, but also from shared albums, into the dial with personal photos.

In watchOS 7, parental control will also appear, for which you will not need to use another iPhone. With it, you can limit the list of contacts and available music. And the new “School” function will allow parents to control what applications the children use during the lessons.

Probably, in 2020, the watch will receive a built-in sleep tracking function, which the media have been writing about since February 2019. Users will be able to set personal sleep goals in the Health app on the iPhone, and over time, it will begin to send recommendations for improving the duration and quality of sleep. In the clock control center, new sleep and noise detection switches may also appear.

Apple is also developing at least two health features that will expand the capabilities of the Apple Watch in the future. In 9to5Mac, it was discovered that the watch will be able to track the level of oxygen in the blood for the first time – this indicator will prevent the risk of heart failure or breathing.

It is not yet clear how the function will work. It is possible that a new sensor will be added to the watch to track the level of oxygen in the blood.

AirPods overhead

The authors of 9to5Mac found in the iOS 14 code the icons of two variants of on-ear headphones in light and dark colors. They believe that they will be the first audio devices of this format that Apple will release itself: before that, the company sold only in-ear headphones and vacuum AirPods Pro.

Journalists expect Apple’s first over-ear headphones to get deeper integration with the ecosystem than Beats products. For example, they will support automatic pause and continued playback when removing the headphones.

Beats solo pro

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported back in 2018 that Apple was working on branded on-ear headphones with premium sound. According to his forecasts, they will become the most expensive in the AirPods line.

Media: Apple is working on branded invoices …They can be released at the end of 2018.

Apple TV and AirTag

Journalists have already found a mention of the new Apple TV in the tvOS 13 code. But apparently, the prefix will also receive a new remote, although it is not yet clear what exactly will change.

Apple is also working on a new app that will train with Apple TV. Users will be able to download workouts and practice in front of the TV.

The iOS 14 code also mentions new details about the AirTag tag system. Apparently, the devices will need to be configured via iOS, and their batteries will be removable as on the Tile trackers.

AirTag Tag Screenshot from iOS 13 Image MacRumors Image

For the first time about the labeling system from Apple, it became known in August 2019. Then the author of 9to5Mac found their mention in iOS 13. Judging by the description in the code, small tags can be attached to things and if the owner moves away from the property, the iPhone will send a notification. Users of the latest models of iPhones will be able to find things tags using augmented reality.

In iOS 13, they found details about the operation of the system for …A small label with the company logo will inform you when you remove the item from the owner and will allow …

In October 2019, RBC found out that Apple bought the AIRTAG brand from ISBC from Zelenograd. The organization confirmed the fact of the transaction, but did not disclose its terms and details.

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