IPhone owners will be able to send voice messages on Twitter

There are a fairly large number of users who cannot live without voice messages. The Twitter service listens to its audience, its wishes, and, apparently, voice messages are in the top of queries – a similar feature will appear for owners of iOS devices. Not immediately for everyone, since updates traditionally “roll” gradually.

The new “feature” is experimental, and problems with its operation may be observed at the testing stage. The recording time is limited to 140 seconds – this is more than two minutes of expressive slandering of very interesting thoughts. If it does not fit in 140 seconds, the system will automatically create a branch from your voice posts.


Twitter apparently believes that 280 characters is not always enough for expression, but now everything will change.
Now the innovation is available to a limited number of iOS-users; in the coming weeks, support for the new feature will appear among other iPhone owners.

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